Oral & Intravenous Nutrition

Oral and intravenous Nutrition

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Depression: Part 1

by Dr. Dave Arneson, NMD (article originally published in the Naturopathic Doctor’s News and Review in April 2013) Depression is defined, in Stedman’s Medical Dictionary 25th edition, as a reduction of the level of functioning. It is also defined as a sinking of spirits so as to constitute a clinically discernible condition …
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IV Nutritional Therapy: Is It Appropriate For You?

We live in a stress-inducing world, which is a common result of living in a toxic environment. Stress may also evolve from physical illness, excessive physical exhaustion, or it may be propagated by emotional/mental challenges. Stress may be induced by drug therapy, illicit or not…
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IV Nutrient Therapy: A Great Natural Remedy for the Flu

Intravenous nutritional therapy consists of several different vitamins and minerals which we use regularly with our patients. During the seasons of flu and colds we will use these treatment regimes on a regular basis. Generally, I don’t support the idea…
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