IV Nutrient Therapy: A Great Natural Remedy for the Flu

by David A. Arneson, NMD, and Angela Pinkhasova, MD (Russia), NMD (Candidate)


Intravenous nutritional therapy consists of several different vitamins and minerals which we use regularly with our patients. During the seasons of flu and colds we will use these treatment regimes on a regular basis.

Generally, I don’t support the idea of just using Vitamin C only or any one vitamin or mineral when treating patients. The reason for this is that nature never gives mono-nutrient therapy…ever. Most plants and animal foods contain complexes of these vitamins and minerals. No bio/neurochemical processes in the body works in a vacuum by itself…complexes of vitamins and minerals push enzyme reactions forward to keep the biological systems working at the highest efficiency.

When one is infected with a virus, or bacteria, often the biological systems get overwhelmed using all the reserves possible to fight off the invaders. Coupled with this is the patient who suffers from vomiting or diarrhea, often becoming weaker from dehydration and the increased loss of these critical nutrients from their systems. This set of actions and interactions often prolong the length of the illness and in fact can create more problems than the infective agent can cause in and by itself.

The key with intravenous therapy is first to make sure that dehydration is not the issue. All biochemical reactions happen in this fluid matrix. The second thing that needs to happen is to get the essential vitamins and minerals into the system—because without these essential components no biochemical process can go forward at the normal rate. This includes all cellular function. All trillion or so cells in the human body/mind need these nutrients for proper function and that includes the white blood cells that are fighting these infections.

If you suffer from vomiting/diarrhea, are dehydrated, and losing these critical nutrients through the process how can you actually fight off the infection to any degree of efficiency?  You can’t, it’s that simple.

The IV’s aren’t a complicated mixture. We use a lot of Vitamin C. We know that infections in mammals cause the abrupt and sustained fall of Vitamin C from blood, tissue and urine levels and the subsequent localization of the vitamin at the infected site. We also know that low levels of Vitamin C be associated with the risk of bronchitis. It also appears that supplementation of vitamin C may increase serum interferon (produced in the liver) levels in response to viral infections.

Also it has been noted that Zinc levels decrease during viral infections—zinc has been shown to reduce viral illness time when used to treat the common cold. Patients who have an increased susceptibility to infection are often found to be low on selenium.  An increase in the ability of mammals to cope with infections has been noted for magnesium. It has been noted that deficiencies of Vitamin B-5 may cause frequent upper respiratory infections. Hopefully, these few observations lead us to the bigger picture—namely that these vitamins are necessary for cellular function.

Working in concert with nature is the primary idea behind nutritional treatment. If you can support and keep the cell healthy—one can keep the organ healthy and thereby keep the organism healthy…and that organism is you. This is our goal at The Source Naturopathic Medical Clinic.

With respect,

Dr. Dave