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Thousands or Homeopathy research articles exist.

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A “Remarkable!” Case of Depression and Its Homeopathic Treatment

By Dr. Chad Goetz, NMD (article originally published in AZ Net News in 2006) Disheveled, grumpy—but most of all sad and depressed—Samantha was at her wits end about what to do with how utterly miserable she perceived herself and her life circumstances to be. She was 42 years old, never been married, …
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A Case of ADHD and its Homeopathic Treatment

by Dr. Chad Goetz, NMD (article originally published in AZ Net News in October/November 2005) “He’s a Tasmanian devil!” This is how Melissa described her son Dallas prior to him receiving treatment for his newly diagnosed Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Their family physician was recommending that he be placed on Ritalin (a pharmaceutical drug…
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Homeopathic Treatment: General Guidelines and What to Expect in Chronic Cases

By Dr. Chad Goetz, NMD Here are some of the guidelines you should follow if you wish to optimize your healing response while undergoing homeopathic care, along with what to expect during the course of treatment: 1) Be Patient. If you have experienced a particular disturbance upon your spiritual vital force for many years, you…
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