Dr. Maria Helioti, NMD
Areas of Focus: Acupuncture and Acupuncture Facial Rejuvination

Dr. Maria Helioti is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine that specializes in cosmetic acupuncture.  She enjoys providing patient care that enhances physical appearance, while generating a glow that radiates with the health deep within.  Over the last 5 years Maria has practiced at a variety of clinics, fine tuning her skills while delighting at the powerful results of acupuncture clearly seen and experienced by her patients.

Maria is currently broadening her knowledge by training to receive a Masters in Oriental Medicine.  She has not only used the classroom to delve deeper into her love of plant-based medicine; she has also taken to traveling across the globe to study healing techniques.  These travels have taken her from the rainforests in Costa Rica and Peru to the health spas of Athens.  This has culminated in her development of unique beauty secrets.  Made up of classical Chinese, Greek, Persian and Egyptian medicinals, Maria’s treatments are handmade and customized with care.  The results speak for themselves. When she’s not working Maria loves practicing Qi Gong, cooking, and traveling.