Biological Medicine

with origins in Germany and Switzerland, biological medicine takes naturopathy to a new level. This whole body and holistic approach to medicine recognizes that each person’s internal environment plays a regulatory factor in heath and disease process. It allows the body to rebuild cell by cell and potentially reverse many chronic disease processes.

Biological medicine addresses the root cause of the disease, not the symptoms.

Three tiers of concepts of biological medicine:

  •  Detoxification and elimination of interfering fields. The most frequent cause of modern disease is toxic load of the body. Toxicity blocks the regulation and healing capacity of the body.
  • Strengthening the immune system and improving the entire intestinal situation. The intestines and the intestinal bacteria are the main factors to the immune system and detoxification. The intestinal involve important neurological and psychic effects.
  • Specific reinforcement and regeneration treatment – This is cellular upbuilding to rebuild his tissue, including organs.