Alcohol & Drug Detoxification

alcohol & detoxification

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Addiction: A Disease of the Body, Mind, and Spirit

by Dr. David Arneson, NMD (article originally published in the December 2006 issue of Naturopathic Doctors News and Review) First of all, I am in recovery myself for more than 31 years, primarily from alcohol. Looking back at the journey, and my clinical experience treating alcoholics and drug addicts (over the last 17 years)…
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Nutritional Treatment for Detoxification and Recovery from Alcoholism: The Functional / Molecular Medicine Approach

by David A. Arneson, NMD, and Angela Pinkhasova, MD (Russia), NMD (Candidate) (As published in the Townsend Newsletter in the January 2005 edition) Introduction Traditional treatment for alcoholism, or drug dependency, has been focused on mono-therapeutic approaches…
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