The Source Naturopathic Medical Clinic has been in existence since August 2002 and is under the direction of Dr. Dave Arneson, NMD.  Although a large portion of the patients who seek treatment at the clinic have issues with drug addiction, we have highly regarded providers that specialize in treatment modalities that are useful for all manner of chronic and debilitating diseases–ranging from depression, anxiety, chronic pain, diabetes, hypothyroidism, hypertension, arthritis, and even adjunct therapies for cancer.  The primary difference between our clinic and other clinics run by allopathic physicians, or M.D.s, is not what we treat, but how we treat disease.  It is not enough for us to merely be satisfied with symptom suppression via the typical use of pharmaceutical medications–although this is necessary in certain situations.  Rather, we are more interested in you as an individual and trying to understand and appreciate your unique medical history and biochemistry such that we can arrive at a highly tailored treatment strategy that will start moving you in the direction of health.  Welcome to The Source!