By Dr. Chad Goetz, NMD

Here are some of the guidelines you should follow if you wish to optimize your healing response while undergoing homeopathic care, along with what to expect during the course of treatment:

1)  Be Patient.  If you have experienced a particular disturbance upon your spiritual vital force for many years, you cannot reasonably expect it to be completely lifted in only a few weeks or months.  It may take a couple of years of being on a good homeopathic remedy to reverse the circumstances of your condition and maximize your well-being.

2)  For the first 6-9 months of utilizing homeopathy, it is advisable to follow-up every 6 weeks at the bare minimum.  After this time, depending on the circumstances of the case, follow-ups can be extended to every 2 to 3 months for the remaining duration of treatment.  It is crucial for such follow-ups because although the choice of the homeopathic remedy will usually remain the same, the potency will need to be increased through time in order to further your progress—a very desirable result that can only take place through proper case management.

3)  If you have a history of excessive and prolonged use of antibiotics, steroids, or any allopathic medications used to suppress past symptoms, you may have a return of these symptoms during the course of homeopathic treatment—although it is by no means guaranteed that you will.  This is because the symptoms, when they first appeared, were a sign of a deeper imbalance and as such, were not meant to be suppressed.  If this occurs, the toxicity associated with these symptoms will usually reappear in the same form in which it first presented itself (i.e. if you took a lot of antibiotics for acne eruptions, the toxicity will usually re-manifest itself as acne-type eruptions on your face).  However, in certain unpredictable circumstances the toxicity that was suppressed may find its release from the body in another form such as diarrhea.  If you experience any of this, it is first important to let me know.  Secondly, it is also imperative to undertake no further suppression of these symptoms, as such a course of action will only complicate your case and make it much more difficult to resolve (as such a suppression of symptoms is one of the contributing factors to your current state of dis-ease in the first place).  Again, be patient.  If you resist the temptation to suppress the return of old symptoms, the continuance of your homeopathic remedy will ultimately prevail and the physical toxicity, which is a mere reflection of a spiritual toxicity, will vanish along with the spiritual disturbance.

4)  As your spiritual vital force becomes accustomed to receiving the appropriate homeopathic remedy for you, it will gradually through time become much more powerful.  This evolutionary process in one’s being will take the form of experiencing greater purpose in one’s life, feeling more self-assured and confident in one’s abilities, and ultimately returning to a state of fulfillment.  One may also find that certain relationships that a person has in one’s life that were not built upon truth and harmony will fall to the wayside after receiving the right remedy, while newer, more harmonious relationships will present themselves.  This is because when people around you are accustomed to your state of dis-ease, they may find it very difficult to be around you after you have evolved to a higher state of being if they themselves are comfortable at a lower state of being.  This is by no means a judgment upon them, it is merely something to be cognizant of during the utilization of homeopathy.  None of this is to imply that a homeopathic remedy can somehow change your God-given free-will.  This will NEVER happen with homeopathy, as it is entirely incapable of governing your free-will.  Homeopathy may help fortify your spiritual being to the point that you would be more inclined to choose a healthier option in a given circumstance, but it will never take the place of free-will.

5)  In the course of being treated with homeopathy for your chronic situation, it may occur that you develop a more acute disturbance in the form of a cold or flu.  This is certainly not because of the action of the homeopathic remedy, but rather as a result of the fact that we are exposed to countless stressors (including bacteria and viruses) in our lives and sometimes the spiritual vital force becomes weakened enough to succumb to their influences.  It is by no means a bad situation, as homeopathy can also be very effectively utilized in such circumstances (in fact, this is how the word of homeopathy first spread throughout the world—through its success in the treatment of infectious disease)—and often with a much speedier resolution than allopathic medicine affords.  However, in order for this to happen, it is important to let me know when this circumstance presents itself.

6)  Finally, I am always available to discuss anything that may be happening in your case, so please do not forget that you can reach me whenever you need.  I am committed to your success in this process!