By Dr. Chad Goetz, NMD

(article originally published in AZ Net News in 2006)

Disheveled, grumpy—but most of all sad and depressed—Samantha was at her wits end about what to do with how utterly miserable she perceived herself and her life circumstances to be.  She was 42 years old, never been married, had no children, and had a job she despised.  On top of this, she felt fatigued almost all the time and had suffered for years from environmental allergies.  In pursuing allopathic treatment, she was placed on Effexor for depression and Benadryl for allergy symptoms—and although the Benadryl temporarily alleviated her stuffy nose and watery eyes, two years on Effexor did nothing to help improve her mental state.  Not knowing where else to go, Samantha turned to homeopathy based on hearing her friend talk about the impressive results she had obtained under homeopathic care.

Although the spiritual roots of homeopathy are embedded deep within the Old Testament, it was Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s scientific inquiries over 200 years ago that paved the way for homeopathy’s use in the modern era.  It is based on a profound understanding of what disease is really all about, and how it can most effectively and permanently be cured.  From a homeopathic standpoint, true disease is a purely spiritual phenomenon that adversely affects a person’s spiritual vital force—an event which manifests itself in the form of symptoms experienced on the mental, emotional, and / or physical levels of one’s being.  It is the job of the homeopath to find a substance in nature (whether of plant, animal, or mineral origin) that has the capacity to effectively annihilate the spiritual disease state within the individual.  When this occurs, the individual is freed from the bondage of disease and essentially evolves to a higher state of being—resulting in them naturally feeling brighter, happier, more energetic, and more aligned with their purpose.

Samantha has now been on a well-selected homeopathic remedy for over a year, in which time her depression, fatigue, and environmental allergies have long since vanished.  She is now a very healthy, energetic, and joyful person who has regained her sense of self.  For her, only one word suffices to capture her experience with homeopathy:  “Remarkable!”